New digital technology connects patients with providers by web, mobile app, and/or smartphone around the clock

Online PR News – 01-August-2019 – Tampa, FL – Bonum Health, a revolutionary provider of safe and secure health consultation services, is proud to announce the beginning of a remarkable shift in online medicine, launching an innovative new treatment platform that brings the care of board-certified physicians to a digital device or local pharmacy near you.

As described on the company’s website, Bonum utilizes a proprietary software framework, to give users unprecedented access to the nation’s largest network of experienced healthcare professionals.

According to Harry Patel, Head of Bonum Health, “The essence of the idea is to make receiving quality healthcare quick, simple, and painless for everyday people who do not have time to sit in waiting rooms.”

In Patel’s estimation, the routine give-and-take between a patient and his or her physician in the exam room setting still happens, “the only difference being that the medical consultation takes place through a secure online healthcare portal.”

Just as importantly, Bonum Health is compliant with all HIPAA regulations. So, patients not only receive additional benefits in terms of convenience and cost savings, they also get greater peace-of-mind in the knowledge that their sensitive medical information remains confidential—shared only when given the authority to do so by the members themselves.

Although Bonum Health services aren’t a stand-in for emergency medical treatment requiring a visit to the ER or an urgent care center, they more than fill in the gaps by offering prescription requests and refills 24/7 when primary care physicians are not available or when something unexpected occurs while traveling.

In general, Bonum covers a wide range of medical conditions from allergies and respiratory problems to fevers, rashes, and coughs, as well as the common—and sometimes, uncommon—colds. Other behavioral health and dermatology concerns also fall under the Bonum umbrella. In particular, the system can be helpful when seeking treatment for stress, eating disorders, and anxiety, along with various forms of eczema, abrasions, skin infections, and insect bites, to name just a few.

People of all ages, backgrounds and income levels are eligible to sign-up. Even better, no insurance is required and pre-existing conditions don’t impact the costs in any way.

Coverage is available in two types of service plans. One option is a monthly subscription plan of $14.95 a month; or for one-time flat rate of $99 per year. The second service plan is a Per-Consult plan which is an on-demand service with a flat fee per consult depending on the condition you are seeking help on. And, unlike what some might experience at the door of an urgent care center, no one is ever turned away for medical attention when they need it.

Businesses of all stripes may also stand to benefit by signing-up with Bonum Health. The telehealth process can reduce healthcare costs, maximize physician access, and offer supplemental benefits to employees that would otherwise be unattainable. Customizable solutions are available that can give organizations increased flexibility over their healthcare dollars, while improving the collective health of their people—as well as a healthier ROI.

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