About our Telehealth Services

Patients are often frustrated with the time and effort it takes to address simple, easily diagnosed health concerns. Add on the additional time and steps it takes to get a prescription filled and the whole process of getting treated seems less worthwhile. Bonum Health services eliminate all of these barriers by giving resources to pharmacies and businesses to provide their current and potential patient base access to telehealth consults and testing services they may otherwise have waited days or weeks to schedule.

Bonum Health is bringing affordable subscription services to local businesses to not only help their surrounding community but to boost the overall revenue of their business so they can continue to serve their community for many more years. With services ranging from hearing and vision wellness testing to dental and telehealth consultations, any business can increase the impact they have on their patient base’s overall health.

Our teams have worked tirelessly to reach a pricing structure to minimize financial investment but maximize patient base and increase overall sales. Are you ready to get started?