• CDC Encourages Telehealth to Stay Safe

Several considerable effects can be anticipated during a severe outbreak of the Coronavirus, (Covid-19) which could impact the operations of hospital and healthcare facilities. Among the possible scenarios causing concern are waves of patients pursuing care, the likelihood of extended workplace absence owing to either personal or familial illness, and effects from social isolating measures such as school closures or community activity cutbacks. Hospital and healthcare facilities will need to pivot the approach of triage, assessment and care for patients by employing strategies that do not rely on direct physical interactions.

Altering conventional practices while triaging and evaluating symptomatic patients (including those affected by COVID-19 as well as patients with Flu or other viral conditions) is at the forefront of the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) methodologies to encourage telehealth and telemedicine services to ultimately reduce exposure of affected patients to staff, fellow patients and minimize the surge on emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.

Bonum Health in conjunction with DelivMeds has designed an innovative approach to facilitate access to timely evaluation, consultation and treatment under the circumstances we now face. The added benefit of DelivMeds permits the patient to remain at home and receive their prescribed medications with free delivery services through an independent pharmacy. Insurance is not a prerequisite to enable access to our network of medical professionals. The mission is to make lives easier and safer during uncertain times. Our services provide and permit patients the ability to afford premium healthcare in situations that may not permit them access to affordable insurance, care or transportation.

According to the CDC, their latest findings suggest that “approximately 80% of COVID-19 patients (of all ages) have experienced mild illness.” Managing persons at home who are ill with mild disease can reduce the strain on healthcare systems; however, these patients will need careful triage and monitoring. Our physicians, practicing at Bonum Health, are specifically trained to assess and currently provide specialized viral treatment of patients presenting with the myriad of symptoms ranging from flu, corona virus, and common infectious ailments. Since there is currently no vaccine for COVID-19, the CDC advises that the best way to prevent infection is to avoid exposure.

If you or a family member is experiencing fever, shortness of breath and cough download the Bonum Health app today and speak to a doctor.

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