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Bonum Health with its expertise in the Telehealth industry, has developed a solution that will provide visibility to Employers health on a daily basis through our Employee COVID-19 Monitoring Tool portal to assist in better tracking health risks in the workplace. This information is procured with a scheduled Daily Self-Assessment, designed by Bonum Health healthcare providers.


COVID-19 Monitoring Tools

For Employers

Bonum Health Employer Solution is a platform that will help businesses better track their Employee’s health in the current COVID-19 Pandemic. This platform helps businesses bring their employees back into the workplace while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.


Keep Track of Your Employees Health, Daily


Review Payment Method, Invoices, and Upcoming Payments Anytime


Order PPE Products For the Workplace


Employees Get Alerted Each day their Assessment is Due


They Have Access to All Previously Completed Assessments


All Questions and Answers Are Recorded


Employees Can View Their Score

Stay in the loop with

Employee Daily Self-Assessments

  • Questions Designed by Health Professionals

    Self-Assessment Wellness Checker was Designed Using Multiple Reputable Sources Such as the CDC, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University and BayCare

  • Set your Preferred Time/ DAy

    Employees will be alerted of any schedule changes and reminded of upcoming due dates in real-time

  • Select a Risk-Score Threshold

    Self-Assessments Highlight Any Red Flags Regarding Employees’ Health Risks using a Risk-Score Threshold

Stay in the loop with

Aggregated Employee Reporting

  • Risk assessment score

    Serves as flag to Employers regarding Employees that have exceeded a predetermined Threshold

  • Collect Aggregated Data

    Track high-risk Employees with your predetermined Risk-Score Threshold

  • Message Employees of High-Risk

    Send messages individually or in bulk for employees who put other Employees at risk of infection


Keep Track of Your Employees Health, Daily


Filter Reporting


Review Aggregated Employee Heath Data


View Detailed Reports

Don’t currently offer your employees Health Insurance?

Pay as low as $15.95 Per Employee Per Month for Insurance-Free Telehealth Services

What Makes Us Different?

  • Track Risks of COVID-19 with Contact Tracing

    Self-assessment questionnaires for employees to be conducted daily and viewable in aggregate for employers who are concerned about re-opening the workplace.

  • Medications Delivered to Work or Home

    Offer Mail Order Delivery, employees can choose mail order service delivery and we will mail the prescription to their home or work. Employees have the ability to set their pharmacy preference within the app.

  • Increase your Bottom Line

    Increasing productivity and efficiency and have lower medical fees – Fewer out-of-pocket fees for urgent care or emergency room co-pays

  • Less Sick Days

    Affordable Telehealth, Employees have access to non-emergent care including COVID-19 help, Cold & Flu, Upset Stomach, Headaches or Migraines and much more! Visit our website for other commonly treated conditions.

  • Visibility to Employee Health with Employer Portal

    Dedicated secure portal for employers to view billing/ invoices, contract management, reports on responses to self-assessment questionnaires and more!

Benefits to Employees

Reduces Exposure to COVID-19

The Risk-Score Threshold is designed to alert Employers of a possible rick allowing Employers to message Employees about staying home.

Smart Technology

The questions within the Daily Self-Assessment have been designed by health professionals and evaluated to predict COVID-19 risks.

Telehealth Included

Healthier and more financially secure employees are more productive. For this reason we include Telehealth services for all Employees using the COVID-19 Monitoring Tools.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Everyday Care

Common Cold/ Flu
Pink Eye
And more


Skin Rash
And More

Employer Pricing Options

Have over 100 employees? Fill out our contact form for special pricing

  • 5 Employees or Less
  • $19.95PEPM
  • Up to 3 Visits/Month Included
  • Everyday Care
  • Dermatology
  • 6-10 Employees
  • $18.95PEPM
  • Up to 3 Visits/Month Included
  • Everyday Care
  • Dermatology
  • 11-25 Employees
  • $17.95PEPM
  • Up to 3 Visits/Month Included
  • Everyday Care
  • Dermatology
  • 26-50 Employees
  • $16.95PEPM
  • Up to 3 Visits/Month Included
  • Everyday Care
  • Dermatology
  • 51-99 Employees
  • $15.95PEPM
  • Up to 3 Visits/Month Included
  • Everyday Care
  • Dermatology

The fee schedule above is based on a “Maximum” number of three (3) Consultations Per Employee Per Month (“PEPM”) 

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Employer Telehealth Benefits Program

How does Bonum Health benefit my company?

Access to telehealth coverage has shown a dramatic reduction in missed days, half days, and unexpected call-outs because employees can speak with a provider right from their home on their phone or computer. We also have had people use their lunch break to speak with a provider who writes them a prescription and they pick that prescription up on their way home. All of which reduces the amount of company time spent on non-emergent healthcare appointments.

We also provide employees with daily self-assessment checks for their risk of COVID-19 and provide employers with that knowledge so informed decisions can be made.  We supply a secure portal for employers to view that information and for employees to login.

What services do you provide?

Bonum Health provides employers with healthcare solutions such as access to telehealth services, mail order service delivery and contact tracing during this pandemic. Telehealth just means we give your employees access to U.S. board-certified providers through secure video or audio calls (HIPAA compliant). These providers can assess and diagnose a wide range of non-emergency health concerns such as cold and flu, bacterial infections, headache/migraine, stomach pain, skin related conditions and much more!

What if I already offer my employees health insurance?

Bonum Health can actually be an excellent supplemental option for most insurance plans. While insurance companies help reducing visits to primary care providers, your employees are still limited by office hours and often times find their providers to be over booked to the point they have to wait a two to three days to get an appointment. With telehealth services, your employees can speak with a U.S. board-certified provider, get prescribed medication, and possibly have it delivered or sent to their pharmacy of choice all without taking time off work to go to their primary care providers office. The contact tracing solutions we provide are not offered by insurance.  This is truly your one stop shop for healthcare related needs.

Why would my company need this?

Telehealth services have been proven to reduce the number of call-outs, half days, or even fully missed days because employees have to see a primary care provider during office hours. Access to a provider from their phone or computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week means they no longer need to sacrifice company time to have their non-emergency health concerns addressed by a provider. Also, with our mail service delivery, we can help your employees save time and avoid unnecessary trips to the pharmacy where they have to wait in line and increase their risk of exposure to COVID-19.  Our contact tracing solutions will help you make informed decisions regarding employee health.  All of this helps protect your workforce by ensuring they are healthy and safe.

My employees do not call out sick that often, why should I use your service?

We understand that some companies don’t experience people calling out sick as much as others. However, we all know that getting sick is very unpredictable and offering your employees a telehealth option not only helps to reduce that loss of company time even further but shows your employees that their company cares about their health and wants to provide them further peace of mind. The contact tracing solutions we are implementing are vital to all employers and employees during this pandemic.  All it takes is one employee to be infected and potentially the entire workforce could become infected resulting in catastrophic losses to company output.

Can you use this service as a true primary care or is it for only acute type diagnosis?

Only acute services- specifically non-emergent care, basic dermatology and men’s health (coming soon)

Would you have the option to follow up with the same provider?

Not at this time – but this is something we are actively exploring

Would it be possible to give the service a try to see if it met my standards?

Unfortunately our system is not set up that way, no. We always have the stand-alone monthly subscription option if you wanted to try or if any staff members wanted to try on their own.

Your employees can use the Bonum Health App and take control of their health anywhere, anytime. Bonum Health App is available on Android Google Play and iPhone App Store.

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