Hearing Aid market is expected to be $14 billion by 2026

Hearing Aid market is currently valued at 8 billion dollar and is expected to be $14 billion by 2026

About Bonum Hearing

Our Bonum Health hearing kiosks are a free service for patients! This approximately 3 minute test will transmit tones to the patient through over-ear headphones at certain frequencies.

Based on the response of the patient pressing an on-screen button when they hear the tone the software evaluates the proficiency of both ears and generates a full report of analytics and recommendations. This report is made available to the patient, Bonum Health, and the pharmacist who can assist the patient in interpreting their results.

Additionally, the patient will be suggested products via their test results that could assist in improving their hearing. These products will either be stocked and for sale in the pharmacy or available for the pharmacist to order on behalf of the patient through Bonum Health’s wholesaler and the product will be shipped directly to the patient.

Service Return On Investment:

  • Higher Foot Traffic Potential

    By adding a free service pharmacy can expect higher foot traffic, which gives them a chance to make these people their potential customers.

  • Free Marketing Services Included

    Free marketing services through Bonum Health.

  • Product Sales = More Revenue

    Product sales can be a source of revenue/profit. With the sale of just one OTC hearing product, pharmacies break-even over their monthly payment.

Term Period: 24 Months

Year 1

$149 Per Month

Year 2

$99 Per Month

  • OTC Hearing Aid
    Cost Price Margin
    $150 $250 $100
  • Cleaning Products
    Cost Price Margin
    $5 $10 $5

** There can be minimum MOQ’s on basis on white labelling needs**

16 million in United States don’t know they suffer from hearing loss.

Around 48 million people in United States suffer from hearing loss, and among them 16 million don’t notice it until it gets worse.

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