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Qualifiers: Over 150 Scripts Per Day and/or Over 50 Walk-ins Per Day

Patients are often frustrated with the time and effort it takes to get connected with a provider when they aren’t feeling well. Add on the additional time and stops it takes to get a prescription filled and the whole process of getting treated seems less worthwhile. The Bonum Health Hubs eliminate all of these stressors by giving the patient a private consultation room to see a licensed, board certified physician on demand inside their local independent pharmacy, where they can immediately get their prescription filled. Bonum Health is bringing the process of getting treated from three or more stops down to just one.

This process consolidation not only benefits the patient but also stimulates the independent pharmacies as well. Bonum Health is bringing additional foot traffic into these pharmacies with its offering of telehealth consults, using print and digital marketing in immediate surrounding areas, as well as offering a variety of testing services ranging from hearing and vision tests to sample collection and laboratory testing. Bonum Health wants to help revive the independent pharmacy market while also providing vital healthcare access to under-served areas.

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