Bonum Health Offers Affordable Health Solution to Small and Medium Sized Business

Trxade Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS) an integrated drug procurement, delivery and healthcare platform, introduces a new program to aid small and medium sized companies who are unable to offer health insurance coverage to their employees through its Bonum Health telehealth platform. Bonum Health provides online and on-demand healthcare through it’s secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. The new Employer Benefits Program offers a low-cost $5.50 flat monthly rate per employee and has proven to be a beneficial offering for both employers and employees struggling to provide and access care, respectively.

The Employer Benefits Program services include full access to the Bonum Health Provider Network through in-app virtual care visits, local health hubs or kiosks within specific communities, and soon to be available clinical offerings, including Men’s Health and Behavioral Health counseling.

Telehealth for employers offers a variety of benefits to both the employer and employee:

  • Reduced cost of healthcare benefits and fewer out-of-pocket fees for urgent care or emergency room visits
  • Fewer in-office visits leading to lower risk of virus transmission
  • A healthier work force and increased productivity due to reduced absenteeism

Companies of all sizes are welcome to utilize the Bonum Health Employer Benefits Program. Trxade Group aims to bridge the healthcare gap for non-insured individuals and provide value-based care to all.

To learn more about our Employer Benefits Program, click here.