Bonum Health Provides Telehealth Services in Spanish

Trxade Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS) an integrated drug procurement, delivery and healthcare platform, expands language capabilities of its Bonum Health telehealth application to reduce barriers to healthcare for the Spanish speaking population. In the United States, the Hispanic population totals 60 million according to a PEW Research survey and many of whom are likely to be uninsured. With Bonum Health offering a low-cost cash pay service, it provides the ability for Spanish speakers who are currently uninsured or have recently lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic to still access care at an affordable price.

With most states following a stay-at-home order, Bonum Health experienced an increase of 72% of new users joining the platform. The majority of consults stemmed from urgent care related needs followed by concerns of having COVID-19-like signs and symptoms. This exponential growth is likely to be sustained as virtual providers  have become the new-normal and safest solution for the quarantine lifestyle being enforced.

Benefits of Bonum Health’s technology during the current pandemic:

  • Patients have the ability to request a video-consultation with a board-certified Spanish speaking provider
  • Patients selects their pharmacy of choice where prescription is electronically sent to
  • Free delivery to patients through Trxade Group’s network of independent pharmacies, thus simplifying the overall care process

Bonum Health continues to evolve its technology to ensure the highest standards in providing value-based care for patients.

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