The Telehealth-Mental Health Revolution

image of man sitting in chair representing telehalth-mental health revolution

Mental illness continues to be a scourge afflicting millions of persons, silently, over the past decades in the United States. These conditions are debilitating for many individuals, forcing them to miss out on work, life experiences and at its worst paralyzing many locked in their homes.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. Anxiety and depression account for an estimated $1 trillion in lost economic activity. Many obstacles prevent affected individuals from receiving treatment. These include stigma, lack of access to mental health services, and limited public knowledge of mental health, coupled with abysmal coverage from insurance corporations; if this coverage is even provided by many policies.

Insufficient access to mental health services continues to be a concern as well. With the current healthcare dynamics lacking a compelling mental health infrastructure, individuals all over the country lack access to these vital services. In the United States, one in five, or around nine million adults, still report having unfulfilled needs with regards to mental health care.

Nearly half of all U.S. counties don’t have access to a single psychiatrist, approximately 110 million people live in professional mental health “desert” locations.

What’s the solution?

Fortunately, the use of Telehealth and eCare technology will address many of these roadblocks and concerns by allowing mental health services access to persons who have been failed by traditional and often uncomfortable services through the advent of remote video conferencing and a myriad of digital applications.

Telemedicine by way of Virtual Health capabilities will remove conventional obstacles in the healthcare realm. With digital tools, access to high speed internet, smartphones and computer applications, patients can now consult with a mental health professional remotely, engaging virtual online doctors. Patients living in “professional mental health deserts” can employ these tools to speak with a licensed professional without driving long distances or even leaving the comfort and safety of home. They can receive prompt care without bringing attention to themselves should their loved ones or colleagues fail to acknowledge their mental turmoil.

Psychiatrists, psychologists and other licensed mental health professionals can utilize these powerful tools to assist patients coping with their symptoms, better prescribe medication, or prevent suicide. Telemental health is revolutionizing the way we think, treat and access mental health services.

Keeping concerns about a mental health episodes to yourself can cause more damage then good.

If you or a loved one needs to speak to someone, download the Bonum Health app and speak to a specialist today.


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