• What Is Telepsychology?

Your life is always aflutter, and you are constantly on edge. Even if you consider yourself a tranquil person and think your life is not cluttered with the daily grind, the reality is that you probably suppress your daily anxieties without detecting it.

This burden to always be engaged and always do something affects everyone with our modernized modalities of daily living. Technology doesn’t always help either; because it puts us under the additional stress of being constantly available to our careers, coworkers, friends and family.

A lack of work life balance can lead to many health issues and mental hygiene deterioration, including distress or mental anguish. If your life is moving at a blistering pace, you may be dreaming of a resource that can help restore your tranquility. But how do you wedge in the time to find solutions?

The answer is Telepsychology…

What Is Telepsychology?

Telepsychology is the modern answer to our modern mental health problems. This nascent technology allows you to receive all the positives from a visit with a counselor or psychologist; without scheduling an additional “errand” to the physician’s office. Telepsychology puts patients in touch with mental health professionals through various apps and telecommunication devices. In a life with too many distractions and responsibilities, this innovative capacity to interact with professionals has transformed the ease with which anyone can access help, anytime.

The Positives

Access to capable and professional mental health professionals is pivotal to keeping society gratified and in the best of health, both mentally and physically. In this regard, the dawning of telepsychology has a multitude of benefits to everyone using the service. The immediacy of care will serve patients instantly as well as ensure and plan for their long-term mental health concerns.

Paramount to telemedicine and telepsychology services is the immediacy and simplicity of gaining access to mental health assistance. Traditionally, booking a physician appointment, time away from work, office waits, taking part in a consultation only to repeat the process again is dismaying and redundant for many individuals. These tasks may be even more arduous if you live in a rural setting or a fast-paced metropolis.

Our days move in a flash and scheduling a series of in person appointments may not be feasible and at worst, impossible for many who suffer with mentally paralyzing circumstances. Instead, telepsychology services allow nearly instantaneous access to medical professionals who are there to listen and assist you with a mental health crisis. One of the tremendous benefits of telepsychology is the ease of improving the quality of your sessions.

Telepsychology has enormous potential around the world, but particularly in countries with an abundance of access to electronic media. It is easy to understand just how much the telepsychology industry has exploded. It is a rapidly developing market that is accelerating by the hour.

At the tip of our fingers, telepsychology patients can connect with someone who can help diagnose your problems, or simply provide a trained, compassionate professional if you’re undergoing a difficult emotional or mental health crisis.

One of the largest hurdles for mental health patients and caregivers is the stigma that surrounds mental health and the need for help when it becomes overwhelming. Many individuals are afraid or ashamed to speak about mental health, and there are enormous societal barriers surrounding the topic.

Our society has a wide discrepancy between available mental health services and the number of individuals who need counseling or therapy. In our country, this gap is particularly expansive, due to the sheer number of people in need of professional counseling . Cultural taboos may also be partially to blame.

Fortunately, mental health is becoming increasingly acceptable to discuss, but many people still reject the notion that they may need assistance and refuse to seek it. Neglecting a mental health crisis is extremely dangerous over the long term. Telepsychology removes the stigma and the fear.  Many individuals fear being seen traveling to the physician’s office or simply making the appointment, with telepsychology one can speak to a professional from the comfort of their own home, office, or the most convenient and comfortable location available.

Psychologists and other licensed mental health professionals can utilize these powerful tools to assist patients coping with their symptoms, better prescribe medication, or prevent suicide. Telepsychology healthcare is effectively revolutionizing the way we think, treat and access mental health services.

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